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Billy Backpack visited the 2015 Prosperity in the Park event at Parramatta Park Nowra East

The Shoalhaven Anti-Poverty Committee is committed to working with all community members to create a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable community. 

Connectedness, engagement and participation on a number of levels are strong common themes in socially inclusive communities. When made concrete these three indicators, lead to recognition and utilisation of community assets and development of trust, inclusiveness and the respect that encompasses both a variety of differences and social institutions. (

The Shoalhaven Anti Poverty Committee aims to build social inclusion by working in partnership with the community and business sectors, government agencies and local residents and has committed to measure our community's success in becoming more socially inclusive. To be socially included, people must be given the opportunity to:

  • secure a job;
  • access services;
  • connect with family, friends, work, personal interests and local community;
  • deal with personal crisis; and
  • have their voice heard.

The Committee's focus is on creating sustainable, long term change by

  • Reducing disadvantage – ensuring that people in need benefit from access to good health, education and other key services
  • Giving a high priority to early intervention and prevention – Heading off problems by understanding the root causes and intervening early;
  • Building on individual and community strengths, by working with people's strengths
  • Using evidence and data to inform governments of needs of socially disadvantaged areas to help form policies around key issues
  • Increasing social, civic and economic participation – helping everyone get the skills and support they need so they can work and connect with the community, even during hard times; and
  • Giving the community a greater voice with greater responsibility
  • Using locational approaches – working in places where there is a lot of disadvantage, to get to people most in need and to understand how different problems are connected
  • Planning for sustainability – doing things that will help people and communities deal better with problems in the future, as well as solving the problems they face now.
The Committee organises regular activities and events during Anti-Poverty Week each October and also releases a report and action plan every four years. To see the report click here.